Best Driving Schools Brisbane—we will help you pass your driving test the first time around!

brisbane best driving schoolAll of the years we’ve been on the market,the number of satisfied customers we’ve had, and the good drivers we’ve helped to create prove that we are the best driving school in Brisbane!

Here at Best Driving Schools Brisbane, we offer:

• learner driver courses
• defensive driving courses that will help you become a more careful, better driver
• refresher courses (perfect for those who haven’ had the chance to drive in a while and feel a bit unsure of themselves)
• freeway/motorway driving courses that help you get used to the extra challenges of driving on a motorway
• automatic-to-manual switch courses for those looking to switch to a manual car
• as many hours of practical training as you want
• courses in driving alongside trams
• courses in hazard perception and prevention

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Best Driving Schools Brisbane

gps driving directions BrisbaneYou’d be hard put to name a skill that gives you as much independence as driving does. And we’d be happy to accompany you down that path, offering guidance and advice every step of the way! Our affordable prices and patient, qualified driving instructors are why people have kept coming back to us all of these years!

Contact our Driving School in Brisbane today to find out what kind of course is best for you and see for yourself! Our  driving lessons will teach you everything you need to know and help you feel comfortable and relaxed on the road.

Driving School Brisbane Lessons

• Learner Driving Lessons
• Defensive Driving Lessons
• Refresher Driver Lessons

Learner Driving Courses

Driving Lessons BrisbaneOur learner driving lessons in Brisbane are just what they claim to be—they teach you all of the most important information about how cars work, how to drive and park safely, and road laws that you need to pass your exam the first time around. During the entirety of your basic driving course, our driving instructors are entirely at your disposal, so don’t hesitate to ask them any questions at all—after all, that’s what they’re there for. The more you know, the more confident and safe you’ll be on the road!

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Defensive Driving Courses

Driving Lessons in BrisbaneOur defensive driving courses are a wonderful addition to the basic driving course you’ve just finished—they’re all about how to behave on the road in adverse weather conditions or heavy traffic so as to avoid any accidents, and how to react to various dangerous situations that can occur on the road. Our defensive driving course is guaranteed to help you prepare you for anything and everything that awaits you on the road!

Refresher Lessons

Brisbane Driving School instructorPerhaps you haven’t been behind the wheel for a long period of time due to an accident or illness, or perhaps you’ve just moved to Australia from a right-drive country and are finding left-drive a bit tricky. No matter why you haven’t had the chance to drive much recently, the effect is pretty much the same: you feel a bit nervous about getting back on the road, a bit out of touch. Our refresher lessons were designed especially for you! Give us a call so we can sign you up and get you back out on the road feeling as confident as ever in no time.

Book a Lesson: (07) 3041 1922

If you would like to do any further reading about Australia’s road laws, a copy of the VicRoads (Victorian Road Rules) can be found here. However, it would be much better if you just asked us your question in person! Our friendly, informative operators are waiting for your call, so contact us now by telephone or this contact form. No matter what your driving lesson needs are, we’re here to fill them quickly and effectively!